The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus

The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus

Terry Goodkind

From number 1 "New York occasions" bestselling writer Terry Goodkind comes "The First Confessor," the prequel to the Sword of Truth.
In a time prior to legends had but been born...

Married to the strong chief of her humans, secure between these talented with nice skill, Magda Searus is protected against a far off international descending into struggle. but if her husband, a guy who enjoyed lifestyles and enjoyed her, suddenly commits suicide, she without warning unearths herself by myself. simply because she is ungifted herself, with no her husband she now not has status between her humans, and he or she reveals herself remoted in a society that appears to be like crumbling round her.

Despite her grief, she is pushed to discover the explanations at the back of why her husband might do one of these thing--why he might abandon her and her humans at one of these profoundly risky time. notwithstanding she isn't talented, she starts off to find that there is extra to her husband's suicide than a person knew. What she reveals subsequent, nobody is keen to believe.

Without a person to assist her, she is familiar with that she needs to embark on a project to discover a mysterious spiritist, if she even exists, in order that she could communicate with the lifeless. This quest can also be her final likelihood to resolve what's relatively in the back of the mysterious occasions befalling her humans. What she discovers alongside the way in which is that the struggle goes a long way worse than she had recognized, and that the results of defeat should be extra terrifying for her and her humans than she may have imagined.

As mortal peril start to shut in round her, Magda learns that she is someway the main to her people's salvation.

Journey with Magda Searus into her darkish international, and learn the way precise legends are born.

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The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus